How does G­DM capture links automatically ?

Our app is designed to run in your background silently and smoothly without any interference to other processes. Whenever you visit a website or access a link via an app by selecting it, G­DM automatically monitors it and asks you what to do. This works not only while browsing the web, but if you find a link in whatsapp, all you have to do is highlight it just as if you are about to copy it, and GDM will open and ask you what to do with it.

Why isn’t it possible to download videos from YouTube ?

YouTube has several ‘rules’ or privacy policies which currently prevent apps from downloading videos from youtube. So right now, it is not possible to download youtube videos but it may become possible in future.

How can I access phone files with my computer ?

G DM makes this possible using the WiFi File Manager feature. You can select the hotspot icon present in the centre of the control­wheel, which opens a window that shows two things ­ a url link and a QR code. First you have to ensure that the computer and the phone is connected to same network, which can be a hotspot from your phone or a Wifi connection. If it is so, all you have to do is to type in the link into any browser of your computer and the file manager will open. You can view, edit, add or remove files in any permitted directory of your phone. NB: This method also works between two phones. Thus, you can control the files in one phone using another phone !

How does streaming files work ? How can I stream a file to others ?

When you download a file using G DM, you get a special way to share that data with friends ­ Streaming. Just like you watch youtube video while it is being loaded into the site, Your friends can watch the video as it is being shared between devices. Just click once on a downloaded file in G DM app and select the stream option. A QR code pops out. If your friends have GDM in their phones, they can use our inbuilt feature to easily access the file, otherwise any QR code reader will do, but then file will be downloaded and not streamed. As usual, make sure that your phone as well your friends are inside one network.

How many people can stream the same file simultaneously ?

This depends on your phone as well as the network. While streaming, your phone acts like a transmitter ­ a device which gives out the data and each device that gets the data is a receiver. It is the transmitter who has to perform the action of distributing or sharing the transmitted data between each receiver, and this takes some amount of processing power on your phone’s part. So, it depends upon your phone and its handling capacity.( Is explanation accurate ? Also how much should we recommend as a maximum ? )

What does the cloud feature do ?

G­Cloud, our cloud services allows you to share urls between devices. For example, you saw a link while browsing with your phone which you want to see it in your PC. Then all you have to do is add it to G DM list ( not really sure about this part ). Then, our G cloud services store that, and when you login into your PC client, the link will be available for download. As of now sharing URLs are the only feature offered by G Cloud, but we may add further facilities in future.

What happens to scheduled downloads when we are offline ?

When the device in which a download is scheduled is offline, the download will not occur but instead it will wait till device is connected to the net. When it becomes connected, G DM will start downloading automatically.

How to search and download videos from Youtube ?

To search and download videos from YouTube, all you have to do is: 1. Select the multimedia icon from the main screen wheel. 2. Enter the name or URL of the required video into the search bar 3. Choose the one you want from the results that appear. 4. Select whether you want to download only the audio or the video itself. 5. Select quality that appears from your selection. 6. Download it now or schedule it for later as you wish. Enjoy!

How to download Music from the web easily ?

To search and download song from Internet, all you have to do is: 1. Select the multimedia icon from the main screen wheel. 2. Enter the name of the required song into the search bar 3. Choose the one you want from the results that appear. 4. Download it now or schedule it for later as you wish. Enjoy!

Why should one register to a G-Cloud Account ?

Registering to G-Cloud account lets us match you with those friends in your contacts who have G-DM installed and has also registered a G-Cloud account. That allows you to use the Recommend option - a feature that allows you to share links and downloads with those friends directly through our app, not relying on usual media like WhatsApp or Facebook.

What is the Recommend option ?

Recommend option lets you share the link of the download to your friends who have G-Cloud accounts, once you too have registered an account. This allows an in-app method, rather than relying on other platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook, reducing effort as well ensuring your friend sees what you sent. This feature can also send messages and thus allowing you to interact with others. You can see what your friends have recommended you at the Recommendation screen, accessible from the side menu having other options like Browser and Settings.